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Don't worry if you don't get everything in all of the comics. many of them, especially the gift comics, are rife with in-jokes.

Indeed Carth D and E is up before A-C. Why? Because I roughed out A-B and talked too much about it now I am less inclined to make it. Robert E. Howard mentioned the same thing when he wrote stories, if he talked about them he lost the need to set them to paper.

But I will do them. Another point to the Catharsis series is that it doesn't have to be a comic. Carth F is animation.

Fate's Cruel Trick
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An Explaination
This is something I've had half done for quite, nearly a year I think. One of those ideas that just strikes you in-between the eyes and rattles around in your head until you commit it to something.
I wanted to try something new with communication and story telling, or at least I hadn't seen before. Not a new style or meduim persay but a differnt sort of way of the story coming across. People feeling from the visuals rather than from the words.
The goal was to communicate the story without words but show the emotions through colour.

If you haven't read the comic yet and skipped to this, the end, to get the 'code' I'd say you're cheating yourself.
The story is like an onion, it's got layers you see and may occationally stink. XD The topmost I'd say is the story that could be told without colours and words.

However without words to define each character we can only see their actions and their expressions and their emotions. It leaves an opening for speculation and interpretation. Everyone has had a different veiw on the relationship of the characters with each other.

The story itself is about perception -How the guy perseived the world and the emotion and demeanor of the people around him and then how that differs from how people perceive him. And in that it's also about irony.
And in there it's also about personal courage, taking chances, and seeing what's around you and how your veiw affects you.

The colours were perhaps the most significant part of this story to me. The colouring of a person depicting their perceived emtional state. Each person's going to come off with their own interpretation of what the colours mean for each person. Which is the part of the point of this mode of storytelling.

But what was I intending with my colouring?
It's the meanings of the mostly primary colours and then the mixing of those meanings with the mixing of those colours.
Red for anger/passion/warmth, Yellow for cheerfulness/lightness, Blue for sadness and melancholy.
Orange for warm cheerfulness, Green for just good, Brown for neutral-not one way or another, Purple for angry frustration.
And grey for numbness. Not white like the objects but grey since you need emotions to know/think you can't feel anything. And black for a the empty pit.
It's the grey of perceiving people feeling so much, so happy where you feel just the occational twinge. Up alittle and down alot. Not much touches you either way.

The backgrounds of the characters add more depth to the story. If this were a much much longer series and perhaps explain some of it. But there are alot of things exceedingly difficult to explain visually.

The Guy.
Feels that he feels nothing, just occational twinges and sees the people around him as feeling so much.
He runs into the Cheerful Girl on his way to and from work everyday. They're friends and he likes her alot and would ask her out but in a way he's afraid of her.
She's a constant source of cheer and optimism to him and he's afraid to do anything that would make her uncomfortable and take away that happy smile.
He sees her as warm and cheerful, always with a smile, a joke, and some encouragment. But he doesn't think she could like him.
He feels happier around her but worse coming away because what he feels he can't do.

He has a thing for Workgirl beyond their friendship. She's pretty, smart, and with a sense of humor and he's attracted to that. With their friendship there's a closeness that gets confusing for him.
When she has relationship problems and he makes her feel better with his support, he feels something and decides to seize the moment and ask her out.
But seeing her with her signifcant other sends him deeper into his numb depression and continues to blind him from what's around him.

The Cheerful Girl.
He sees the cheerfulness she has around him but she feels just as numb the rest of the time.
She sees him as a very warm caring person and dissapoints herself when she can't say anything to him.
She also feels that he wouldn't like her.
The cute girl is kinda based off an idea and a person or two I've know.
The sort of girl who is really cheerful and bright and sweet who could be nekkid holding a box of flavoured condoms and you still would feel somehow a bad person thinking of her like that XD
You don't want to do anything to rish making that happy smile go away, not even asking her out or thinking she may like you

They'd be happier if either of them had some courage.

The Work Girl.
She's smart, beautiful, friendly, outgiong and very charming just as who she is without doing it on purpose.
She's not leading him on intentionally. She considers him a very good friend and likes him alot. She doesn't realize what sort of effect she has.

The Boss Man.
Is an asshole. The end.

I hope this gives more insight to the story and maybe it makes you see it in a differnt light.

These are the things I was thinking when I drew and coloured it but it's not absolute either. It's about what you get from it.

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