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E. Nelson
aka: Daisuke, Dai, Daisukebe, Daifu si fu, Undies, Pumpkin
November 19th
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A something (isn't there some personality determiner based off that? XD)
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Martial arts, Teach, Read, Draw, CG, Animate
Machine: Athlon XP 2800 with 1 gig DDR ram, 19" flatscreen crt monitor, Wacom Intuos serial, Canon i9100

This is the fourth incarnation of the site to have the Plastics Style name.
This site is aimed at 1024 x 768+ish and looks nicest in Firefox.

It's been a long long time since any real update. I've finished the very long Catharsis E which is now up in the Gallery->Comics section is full colour glory. I've also done Catharsis G & I as well as a parody comic for tOFU 8, so look for that at cons.

After some success at conventions I'll be offering to do comissions and selling books and prints soon including painted cels.

This still isn't a "pro" site, just a gallery site. XD

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