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Gallery: The Blasphemous Three

The Blasphemous Three beyond the sketchbook started as villians for a Big Eyes, Small Mouth game. At the start Kannon had a 'sister' named Amadar the Damned who didn't survive though she may crop up again..

Painted Kannon cels for Fallcon: 1 2 3 *NEW*
Spooky detailed Black Jury

Cartharsis F! animated!
The Blasphemous Three Inking Challenge
Equipment removal reminder
Commissioned B3 piece by Tracy Williams
Anime North Comission
Three layer painted cel for the Chanadians

•Acen 01 Badge art•
•The Iron King's City ver.1•
•The Iron King's City ver.2•

•Plastics New Style•

•Perceptions of Art (gift)
•For Ling's Bday in 02•
•Robot's Dream•* Mug available
•The Plastic 10 cd cover•

•Ultraman Daifu vs The Black Jester•
•Missing a friend•
•One of my Master Plans for Kim turns against me•
•A rare cel painting for Okasan•
•Red Robots Want Your Prescious Metals•
A cel comic for Tre
•ACen 00 Badge Art•* Mug available
•3D Iron King•
•3D Iron King and Imaki•
•Black Jester Kannon Dur•
•Kannon and Percy•
•Kannon and Percy ver. 2•
•Kannon's Victory•* posters available
•Kannon the hero•

•Lunchtime In The Kitchen of Good and Evil (gift)
•The Clockwork Messiah Orange Dur•
•Chibi Wai Wai Luv Kannon•
•Bad artist! Bad! MCX joke•

•The Official Plastics Style Black Jury Study Aid•
•Black Jury concept sketch•
•An Early Black Jury, Kannon, and the Iron King•
•Tastes like chicken•

•The Black Jester•
•Kannon and Black Jury•
•Acrobatic Kannon•
•In progress: Kannon and Holly and the Strap Hell•
•The Rules of Gamehouse•

•Valentine's Day or How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the Bomb•
•A piece of Black Jester history for Tre (gift)
•You belong to her now..•
•Onward To Shining Future (gift)

Kill Daifu

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Catharsis D
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Catharsis E
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Catharsis G *NEW*

Catharsis E *NEW*

Gift for da Maus

Cel vs Tone
A painted cel comic for Tre


Kannon's Creatures of Chaos
Pendako gift


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Christmas 2006 *NEW*

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