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Gallery: Gifts and Collaborations

Gift art is a valued tradition on and offline. Everyone wants to get some and everyone should give some.


•*NEW* Kannon Dur by AFUJI
Commissioned B3 piece by Tracy Williams
Kannon by Music-Chiq
Jestergirl by Kim Loh
•Kannon by Tre•
•Black Jury's new design by Naska•
•Catgirl From Kim•
•Jestergirl from FC•
•Just Slightly Twisted from Sai•
•Funky Dai from Gally (Achachacha!)•
•Naughty chibi from Gally•
•A jestergirl from Joy•
•A jestergirl from Mamo•
•A Jestergirl Birthday from Mamo•
•A hilarious bday gift from Guren•
•Also in colour!•
•Kannon with a happy Dai doll from Kim•
•The best chibi present ever by Gally•
•A gift to work hard by from Tre•
•'UnOrange' Orange Dur by Guren (who is a mastermind at coming up with B3 stuff)
•A Kannon sketch from Ling•
•Tre makes dreams come true XD•

•Oekaki goodness from Gally•
Birthday for AFUJI
Graduation Gift for Gally
Inking Challenge for Tre
Anime North 2004 Comission
Three layer painted cel for the Chanadians
Buu for Jen C
•An animated gift for Naska•
•A strappy gift for Katt•
•A wintergift for Kim•
•An eyecandy gift for Tre•
•A strappy gift for Naska•
•Lunchtime in the Kitchen of Good and Evil for Naska•
•A little dance for Sai•
•A glowing birthday gift for FC•

•An eeevil birthday cake for Kim•
•A birthday dress for Ling•
•A birthday Vash for Naomi•
•A Momday mousepad•
•A scenic bday gift for FC•
•Bday gift delivery for Ling•
•One of my Master Plans for Kim turns against me•
•A rare cel painting for Okasan•
•A sketch of Black Jester history for Tre•
•For Elly; Onward To Shining Future•
A work long in progress

Monthly Character eXchange

•Imaki by Eissej•
•Kannon by Julie•
•Kannon by Rizaelle•
•Kannon by Sae•

MCX for Gally

MCX for Smerfette•
MCX for Kellilla•
MCX for Sae ver1•
MCX for Sae ver2•
MCX for Salayanara•


•Whiteboard with Sai -Jestergirls•
•Whiteboard with Sai -Girl in the machine field•
•Whiteboard with Sai -Daifu and collar girl•
•Lines by Daifu, Colouring by Kim Loh•

•A social commentary bday comic for Maus•
A cel comic for Tre
•Gift comic for Gally part 1•
•Gift comic for Gally part 2•
•Gift comic for Gally part 3•

•Gift comic for Gally part 4•
•Gift comic for Gally part 5•
•Gift comic for Gally part 6•
•Gift comic for Gally part 7• •Gift comic for Gally part 8•
•Gift comic for Gally part 9•
•A gift comic for Naska•


Christmas 1999
•Christmas 2000•

•Christmas 2001•
Christmas 2002
Christmas 2003
Christmas 2004
Christmas 2005
Christmas 2006

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