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Miscellany is a fun word to say. Try it, miscellany, miscellany, miscellany.
Sometimes series get tedious so then art randomnes occurs.

•The dread 30th birthday•
•Dungeons and Dorks Splash page*pages in Comics DnDorks comic site
•For Sai's Bday•
•For Naomi's Bday•
•For FC's Bday•

•Gally's Hint•
•Siegfried The Serpent•
•MCX for Gally•
•For Scott's Bday•
•A design for an Annual Report•
•Buu Buu Rubba Paniku/ Pastel Roller Derby Goddesses promo poster•
•BBRP fanart•

•ACen Fan Animation Promo poster•
•A strappy gift for Katt•
•A strappy gift for Naska•
•A gift for Kim•
•MCX for Smerfette•

•MCX for Kellilla•
•A little dance for Sai•

•MCX for Sae ver. 1•
•MCX for Sae ver. 2•
•MCX for Salayanara•

•DaiFu Fighter profile for OCADM•

•A wanted poster for an old rpg character•
•An Iron Heap Devil•
•A Steam Devil•

•Daughter Wu Kong•
•'So what does a Mage/Ranger look like?' (gift)•
•The bar•
•A friend•

•The Human Bomb, a superhero rpg chara•
•Mecha vehicles from the Book•
•Swordsman illo from the Book•
•Spirit in crypt illo from the Book•
•Girl with lantern illo from the Book•
•Bounty hunters illo from the Book•
•The Destroyah and the Monster•
•Destroyah the King•
•The Destroyah•
•Destroyah illo form the Book•

•Garic Stonefoot•
•Gungirl illo from the Book•
•Gungirl illo from the Book•
•Gungirl kicks high illo from the Book•
•Vindicator illo from the Book•
•Morbid the Infinity Man•

•Stipple illo of Hikaru Shiina•
•A wandering monk•
•A girl in a sweater•
•DS in a flimsy disguise•
•An amoured suit•
•An angel•
•An angel?•

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