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Xmas 06
Gift Kannon from AFUJI
Catharsis G
Catharsis I
Catharsis E!
Spooky Jury

Xmas 05
Cartharsis F

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Catharsis H
Catharsis A+B

Catharsis C
Future Project Vision

Animation Study: Classic Optimus Prime transformation
Sword League art
Kannon's PSA

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tOFU 7:
Catharsis E
tOFU 8:
Catharsis G
Catharsis I
tOFU 9:

Cartharsis J
tOFU 10:
Cartharsis A+B

<-Get tOFU 7! Read Catharsis E! Get tOFU 8 and read Catharsis G and I as well as the controversial SvG! Get tOFU 9 and read Catharsis J with Holly and Jolly!

Minor Update 3/8/13
Fixed some broken links in Catharsis E and the gift art section.
Technology has progressed and I hope to get higher res versions of the animation up on Youtube... if the terrible codecs will allow that.

Minor Update 6/14/09
Lets not talk about how long it's been.. 
Catharsis A+B will be going up, possibly with colours, something previously unseen on it.
Animation may go up on Youtube for access and reliability once I see how much trouble that might be.
The layout might get a change to something simpler than the carefully balanced Jenga tower that is the table in table in table in table framework of the current site..

Update: ++++date classified by Imperial Inquisition++++
Since I recently did another contribution to tOFU, it must be time to update my webpage XD;; That's my joke anyway. I started back at school in January and it plus overtime work left me little time do much else.

The new updates are:
The 06 Xmas card which is charming and all but was truly epic in real life as it was a multi-level pop-up card. Serious papercraft engineering went into that one.
Kannon awesomness from AFUJI, an artist so good she drew Kannon wearing clothes! (srsly like everyone draws her nekkid to avoid having to do all the straps XD;;)
The pages of Catharsis G, I, and Spiderman vs God. Parody and controversy are a sexy sandwich.

Go to Anime North and pick up TOFU 9 with Cartharsis J!

Update ++++date classified by Imperial Inquisition++++
It's that time again. Work begins on this year's Xmas card. I'm debating a conclusion to the B3 vs Santa saga or something unrelated and crafty.

Also I have penciled a new page 1 for Catharsis A.

Update ++++date classified by Imperial Inquisition++++
Fallcon was cool and led to going to the Fargo Entertainment Expo. Both cons were good experiences and have given alot to think about in regards to style, content, and effort.

Update ++++date classified by Imperial Inquisition++++: Better Late Than Never
I have posted Catharsis E for your veiwing pleasure!
Catharsis E was one of my most exhaustive efforts outside of animation. It is also the first comic I submitted to a complilation publication. Each page was originally done in colour and then readjusted for grayscale printing, all twenty-five of them. Considering the strap content in some of those pages there really isn't a good reason I haven't finished Strap Hell yet XD;;

Let me know if the pages are too big or even better, what you think of the Comic.

Update 7-3-06
Added a sketch of Black Jury I did a week ago. It was both excersize and an exploration of how to make the costume cooler on the level of Kannons' strap nightmare.
I'm also doing a image request challenge and will post the results once I hit the limit.

Minor Update 6-28-06
IF you know anything about financial quarters you'll know why I've been a slack-ass about updating XD;;; Today I give you the thought provoking 05 Xmas card because I could do with some snow about now XD.

Minor Update 6-10-06
I wasn't dead, just disconnected and in schooling for that arcane thing known as electronics. Now with a new faster connection I will be putting up Catharsis E, Xmas 05, and other things very soon.

Major Update 8-9-05
Major simply from the fact I completed a short animation (*finally*) and it is also a Cartharsis project.

Cartharsis F is a simple project for experimentation and an animation refresher. Since it's an animated GIF it maybe play differently in different programs. Take a look.

Minor Update 7-24-05
Minor site tweaks along with new art in Gifts and the Blasphemous Three Inking Challenge piece in the Blasphemous Three section. The challenge is to take the complicated penciled rough and turn it into a sexy clean piece of art.

Major/Minor Update 7-20-05
And we're up!
Sorry if you couldn't get here before, ISP issues have caused me to relocate my page. I'm taking this chance to update and do some redesign on the page as well.

The gallery is updated and re-arranged for content instead of date. For now I'm using the old listings and format but that will change along with icons for images. The goal is to integrate Flash into the navigation and display.

The S.O.P:A.D section is everything to do with that early series of films.
The Blasphemous Three section has Kannon(seen above), Black Jury, Orange, and other involved character art.
The Independant section is art unrelated to any particular series.
The Animation section has the short films I've done along with history of the work and a forthcoming how-to
In Comics are comics XD What I've done may not always make sense, don't worry tho there are alot of in-jokes.
In Gifts are gift-arts to and from myself.
There will be some overlap in content which is for completness' sake. IF you like something don't hesitate to email.
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